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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the$ south. It measures only 51,100 square kilometers but its location enjoys two $ Caribbean, and has 14 known volcanoes of which six are active. The climate i$ there is a wide range of microclimates throughout the country depending on lo$ Although tiny, Costa Rica consistently ranks at the top of the list of Happy $ its exceptional environmental policies and political stability. In 1949 the a$ one of the few nations without a standing army. Its people are very proud of$ 25% of its land is protected in national parks and reserves. It is ranked #1$ the top in the world in environmental sustainability. Its fertile land is wel$ production and a wide variety of plants and animals. Costa Rica Pages is a guide to everything about everything in Costa Rica and $ travel news to job listings to real estate, this site will have all you need $ will be a great resource while you're here. Costa Rica has a lot packed into a small country, so knowing where to start c$ we're back, you will be able to review the many categories such as vacation r$ shopping. Keep an eye out for our hotel guide for a detailed description of h$ We will provide their contact details as well as other things that may intere$ area. If you know you want to explore a coffee plantation or go zip-lining, you wil$ agency or operator that will make sure you have a great experience. Surfing $ and there are many beaches to explore; read all about it on the Surf page. M$ You will find that here too. If you hesitate to make plans with no references$ reviews or find the answers to your questions on the Travel Guide. Staying a while? We will have job listings so you can see what is available $ down. Sort by category or see what is most recent. Or if you prefer a volun$ find that as well. You may want to hear from others that have re-located to $ Interviews are a great resource for finding out about what Costa Rica is real$ If you're dreaming about buying a vacation villa on the beach or somewhere to$ you will be able to scan the many listings of properties for sale. From cond$ commercial properties and everything in between; use the Advanced Search feat$ you're looking for. If you're planning a trip to Costa Rica, or even if you're already here, reme$ coming back with all the information you'll need!